Back-To- School Eating Tips For Health Kids

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Back-To- School Eating Tips.

Jade Gold

We all know it is that time of year where it is just a few days before we send our children back to school....

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We all know it is that time of year where it is just a few days before we send our children back to school. Early morning car pools, traffic, quick runs through the drive through at McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks and in the worse case, we just skip breakfast all together.
I want to challenge every parent to be part of their children is success this year and help them to have better habits during their school days. Just a few simple tips will help you and your children during each school day.
*Studies show that children who eat a nutritious breakfast function better all day long. They do better in school and have better concentration with more energy.
*Know what is being offered at your child is school both in the lunchroom and at the vending machines. Learn about your child is school wellness policy and get involved in school groups to put certain vending items in place.
* Each 12 ounce soft drink contains approx. 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. Drinking one can of soda a day increases a child is risk of obesity by more than 60%. Choose healthier options to send with your child is lunch and encourage more water throughout the day.
* Prepare your child is lunch the night before. Talk to your children about what they would like but also use these moments to educate your children when introducing something new. Just because your child has not traditionally had good eating habits, it is never too late to change and make eating fun as well as educational for them to understand why they should make better choices.
* Include more fruits, veggies and less process foods at all cost.
* One of my favorite sites is with 25 Quick & Easy School Lunches to pack for your kids.
Our children only live the lives that we set the example for. If you spend the majority of your time making excuses why you ca not prepare healthy meals in the mornings or why every dinner is in a drive through window, prepared out of a frozen meal or in a box; there should be no question as to where our children learned unhealthy eating habits that will only follow them through adulthood.
Choose this school year as the one that you help make significant changes in your child is health and lets teach them early in life their lives matter.


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