Eating Your Way Out of Holidays Depression

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Finding the Fitness Theory.

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It is Monday morning 6:30am and you are naked about to get dressed for another day at the office.

Eating Your Way Out of Holidays Depression

Jade Gold

Depression always goes hand-in-hand with an eating disorder. Together the two rob a person of their..


Depression always goes hand-in-hand with an eating disorder. Together the two rob a person of their happiness and self-worth and easily wreak havoc on innocent lives. Unfortunately, we are living in a pill society and, more often than not, therapists tend to treat depression alone with drugs instead of with a more psychological basis. It is amazing to look at the statistics and discover the multitudes of people who suffer from depression while this, just as with eating disorders, still appears to be an enigma to understanding.
Depression is not biased - it affects anyone at any race and age and economical standing. It can strike at any moment; it doesn't need a tragic incident to trigger onset. Over 19 million people over age 18 are considered to be clinically depressed, or 1 out of 5 people in general society. Depression is so common that it is second only to heart disease in causing lost workdays. More frighteningly so, untreated, depression is the number ONE cause of suicide.
I have found that most people who are over weight, eat for comfort, just like others smoke or drink or take drugs. If we are not happy or if things are not going right in our lives, we reach for something to make us feel better or block out the pain. Unfortunately, the thing that is giving us the comfort is only ever a mask, especially if we are eating for comfort. We get the short-term buzz as we enjoy the taste. However, over the long-term we then have to deal with the guilt, the disappointment, the discomfort and the worry of gaining weight. If food is not what our body needs, we will continue to be unhappy. I believe we need to acknowledge the issues that are causing us to eat in the first place. We not always be able to fix it or change it, but by simply acknowledging what is happening we can then make a positive choice on how to comfort ourselves, instead of a negative one.
Over this past year I have had a lot of people say to me, I will be happy if I can just lose this weight! Ironically, I believe that in order to lose the weight, first we need to be happy. It is funny how we strive for something and often when we get it we are disappointed, because it is not as great as what we thought it was going to be. Especially if what we are striving for is not actually what we need. This is one of the root causes of why we eat when we are depressed. The end result of our efforts did not produce the feelings we were expecting so we get depressed and go back to what makes us feel good.
Why we eat when we are depressed goes beyond the fact that it may make us feel better. There are lots of other things we can do that make us feel good. We need to find out why food is the thing we choose to accomplish this. Until you know the answer to that question then no diet or weight loss program in the world is going to be effective for you long term.


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