Anti-Aging: Eating Your Way to Youth

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It is Monday morning 6:30am and you are naked about to get dressed for another day at the office.

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                                      Certainly we have all heard of the Fountain of Youth but could there also be a way to slow the aging process by what we eat? Anti-aging does not come with a quick fix, so it is important to consider your lifestyle today!  Not 20 years from now. But even with all the millions of places one can find information and educate themselves on healthier lifestyles, whole foods, holistic/ herbal food remedies,  we have become obsessed with surgical solutions. Do you think people spend more time focusing on how to correct anti-aging issues like wrinkles, skin damage and their health in general than they do preventing them? Of course we do!  People spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams and potions that go outside of their bodies, but they do not realize how the skin can be influenced by the foods and beverages we put inside our bodies. Start early by paying attention to your diet needs so that we can prevent problems as opposed to trying to correct them. Here are some simple times that over the years create long term anti- aging benefits and can take years off your appearance:

1.The proper Hydration. You can not expect the body to function well on any level without water! Not tea, juice, sodas and certainly alcoholic   beverages. Just 84 oz of water a day.

2.What you consume on a daily basis has a major impact on how well your skin regenerates itself. Foods that are low in nutrients, such as         refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, don't have what your body needs to develop and maintain a healthy glow.

3.Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidants found in many fruits, berries and nuts is believed to heal tissue damage, slow aging process.

4.Maintaining a healthy weight is also crucial for living a long healthy life. Incorporating daily exercise and cardio from moderate to high         impact.

5.Reduce stress factors.

6.Eating foods rich in Selenium.  It protects against UV-induced cell damage and helps preserve skin elasticity. Food sources: tuna, garlic,          onions and broccoli.
While no one food has the answer or the cure to be the exact "Fountain of Youth" there is certainly enough evidence that should bring a much greater conscience to how we view our eating habits and the long term effects of food and the aging process. As they say sacrifice now or pay the price later.
Quote by Jada Pinkett-Smith "I don't eat for pleasure I eat for nourishment ".


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