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Back-To- School Eating Tips.

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We all know it is that time of year where it is just a few days before we send our children back to school....

Finding the Fitness Theory.

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It is Monday morning 6:30am and you are naked about to get dressed for another day at the office.

Eating Your Way Out of Holidays Depression

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Depression always goes hand-in-hand with an eating disorder. Together the two rob a person of their..


In many ways eating right and just overall general health and fitness is allot like following Jesus. I mean if you really think about, sometimes it is hard to get going to better physical fitness and sometimes it is hard to get going to follow God and have faith.
When we have to retrain our thought process after maybe not eating so healthy, it can take some discipline to get you to a point where you are eating better. Making better choices and maintaining a certain lifestyle. That is how it is when we decide to follow God.
Our life will need to change in certain areas in order for us to follow him. Maybe we have a friend we will lose because he/she does not agree with your new way of following God. Maybe a family member will voice their opinion of your new life style. May be we loose other social circle relationships because our lifestyle does not  include drinking, eating out as often or late nights.
In the process of transformation there is no denying in order doing so, we will gain and loose things and people at the same time. It is a true metamorphosis during our life cycle that reaches into our physical state as well as our spiritual well being.
You know and that sometimes it is not easy to get going, I know there is been times in my life where I did not put God first and things were not in order the way they should be. You know when you do put God first, just like eating right, things fall into place, as they should be. It is a matter of balanced and priority.
For instance, 80% of the outcome you will experience in your fitness journey comes through the strength of your diet. Even if you choose to hire a personal trainer 5 days a week at 1 hour a day, that means you are still left with the task of owning 23 hours out of everyday on your own. As with your faith, you may be in fellowship on Sundays for a few hours and even perhaps on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, but the rest of the time, we are held accountable to the life we live through God, the moral standard we live by and the amount of study we put in and carry our faith by in the many days and hours we spend on our own.
Folks often see someone prospering or changing according to the Word, whether in his health, his finances, his family, and so forth, and they get the mistaken impression that God must have given that person more faith. So the first thing I want you to know is this: Every believer has been given a measure the same measure of the God-kind of faith.
It is up to you what you do with the measure of faith God has given you. So the second thing I want you to know is this: This measure of faith can be increased. But you are the one who increases it, not God. Faith is like food, you have the power to increase your motivation, your determination and control how you feed and maintain your health & fitness. Tools are not enough. Diets alone are not enough; trainers and gym wont make the transformation happen. This process of a fit-faith-transformation starts and ends with you.
Remember, it is up to you what you do with the measure of faith God has given you. You can cause your faith to grow. You can feed and exercise it so when the storms of life come, you will have strong faith. But another person may not do anything with his faith. The person who does nothing with his faith will have weak faith. Can you see how powerful the parallel are between your faith and fitness? The person that choose to build and exercise their physical body along with the ability to weather the strong holds of controlling what they eat gives you the strength to encounter real transformation.


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