The Truth Rocks: Natural Cures for Your Health, Can You Handle the Truth?

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It is Monday morning 6:30am and you are naked about to get dressed for another day at the office.

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The modern day mainstream medical industry has a dubious history, deeply rooted by a drive for profit through the subversion and suppression of non-profitable and non-patentable therapies and treatments. To this day mainstream allopathic doctors and practitioners are heavily indoctrinated into a system that protects ever-increasing industry profits while fiercely defending orthodox therapies. The network of allopathic medical institutions and education strictly denies medical freedom and outlaws any treatments that cannot generate market share profits for their monopolized industry.  But the fact remains there is a long proven history of nature cures for your health that mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical companies just do not want you educated on.

"NATURE CURE" is a term that covers all methods of treating diseases, which aim at cooperating with the natural forces and the body is defense mechanisms. It is a distinct system of healing based upon its own philosophy of life, health and illness. Nature cure may be defined as an art, a science, a philosophy or practice which follows definite physical, chemical, biological, mental and spiritual laws for the restoration and maintenance of health and the correction of bodily disorders without the use of poisonous drugs.

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that diagnoses and prescribes through the use of water, air, diet, light, heat and all other kinds of natural methods and modalities. Nature therapies exist for most diseases, pains, injuries, deformities and psychological conditions.

Nature therapy includes mechano-therapy, auricular manipulation, corrective and orthopedic gymnastics, neurotherapy, psychotherapy, hydrotherapy, mineral baths, electrotherapy, artificial dilation and other means of stimulation of the nervous system through the body is orifices and diet.

The science of naturopathy has existed from time immemorial. Its origin dates back to the emergence of 
Homo sapiens on this planet when early man cured himself of all ailments by eating herbs and regulating his diets.

Through the ages, man has harnessed the forces of nature not only for the development of civilization but also for keeping his body and mind healthy. This worked wonderfully well as long as they were used in their pure, unadulterated states like fresh herbs, free flowing hot water springs and natural magnets. But unfortunately with the emergence of artificially produced drugs of modern medicine, several of the infallible techniques of nature cure were thrown into the drains of history, only to be lost in mists of time.

It is true but a little known fact that naturopathy can cure virtually every disease and ailment that afflicts 
mankind. Even the so-called terminal illnesses can be cured by naturopathy. Of all the terminal illnesses that afflict mankind, cancer is one of the most fatal ones. Cancer can be both prevented and completely eradicated from the body by the genre healing process of nature cure.

It is hard to "unlearn" the very facts that society has taught us to trust, but it does not change the facts that there is TRUTH out there that has existed waiting to be rediscovered and more and more people are becoming conscious and awake to the fact there is more to learn and discover than what we know currently accept. Will you search for the truth? Or will you accept what is force-fed to you until it is too late?


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