TheTruthRocks: Why Are We Sugar Coating FAT?

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I do not expect I am going to gain any fans for this article, but it is the truth.

So how about we start asking some hard questions about why we are sugar coating fat as a society?

Let is face it; society throws it in our face every day in every industry with no shame. From the runways in Pairs with top clothing designers,  to every cosmetic surgeon that says you can surgically remove all the unwanted "fat", to the very health industry that shows, fit, vibrant firm bodies to get you as the consumer to buy the very products to remove the "fat" we do not want to talk about. So, let is put fat into perspective and stop sugar coating what we are already obsessed over as a society.

What if public bathrooms had stalls that said, "For 200lbs and over" and were made twice as wide as the usual stall? What if airlines charged double for people who have bodies that take up two seats? What if amusement parks had weight requirements to ride the rides and not just  height? What if sports venues charged double for taking up space in two seats? My point is, we as American is would be flabbergasted,             offended even outraged to file suit, but yet if vendors were to make the accommodations, they would be offended all the same for making the adjustments to make "room" for the fat. Here we have the double edge sword right?

I am the first to concede, everyone is not of the mindset to live a healthy and full lifestyle. Everyone is not going to be a size 2-4, but the fact    remains, we still tend to sugar coat fat! There is still no such thing as healthy "fat" in the body. There is no such thing as healthy "overweight" or "Big Bones" and maybe the key to real societal change is to put more shame to the fat we tend to accept as the normal standard of health.

In genuflecting to political correctness, America shuns shame. It has become a nation so afraid to offend that it turns a blind to its biggest       problems, such as obesity. And that problem is burgeoning. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and a staggering percentage of our children our futures are growing up (and out) with little regard for how this epidemic will impact them. In this regard, some medical         experts have predicted that our children may be the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. For many, they are    the product of their environment, where parents (many obese themselves) and society as a whole have sent the message that being fat is not a problem and should be accepted. The stigma once rightly associated with obesity is disappearing as quickly as fat is accumulating.

So how do we get to the bottom of this problem? For starters, shame. Because no matter what else is attempted, if shame is not the                    cornerstone of the solution, the situation will never improve. People we have to stop sugar coating the fat.


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