Loving This Body in 2016

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"I love the way you love, but I hate the way I am supposed to love you back." This is a quote from Mrs. Coretta Scott King, wife of the late great Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Ladies, is this the way we treat the body that God has blessed us with? Feeling that your body should love     you enough to allow you to grow to the ripe age of 90 and above; yet, we, as women, do not want to love our bodies enough to implement         proper nutrition and exercise to keep it healthy?

Although we as women tend to take for granted that this body will be around for a very long time, let is stop and make a commitment to love    it enough to resolve to make this the year that we finally start  and stick with  an exercise program. I know that is a lot to ask, loving something that we take for granted. It is like fighting an uphill battle which makes it really easy to give up after a few weeks. The question is, "how do I turn determination into actions that I can sustain for more than 30 days" ? Well the answer is at some point YOU must take action. No one can make that decision and put it into action for you.

If it helps, I am including a few strategies to help you get started off right:

1.	WRITE IT DOWN Write down how you would like to look. Jot down the areas of your body that you would like to see changed and write                                                  down your desired weight.

2.	MAKE TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH Even if it is just 10 minutes a day that is a good start. Then work up to great results by working your way up to 30 or even 60 minutes at least three times a week. If you cannot get in 3 days a week, strive to get some kind of activity, even if it is a           brisk walk from your car in the parking lot to the front door of the grocery store.

3.	DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS Instead; make your comparison to the "you" from last week. If you improve your exercise              program even a little bit, you are moving forward and making progress. When you compare yourself to someone who has the physique of a     body builder, you are setting yourself up for a total plunge in self esteem.

So, ladies lets learn to love our bodies back, basically doing unto our bodies the way we would have it to do unto us. Let is love our bodies in    2016. Get your workout started TODAY! Don not wait!


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