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ProSports Wear with JadeGoldFitness !


"I was approaching my second year as a D1 collegiate basketball player for the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. I had went into college with a torn ACL, and re-tore the same ACL a second time against the University of Illinois. Recovering from an ACL surgery, twice, was a huge obstacle for me. Our coach gave us a month and two weeks to return home before resuming summer workouts. My mom introduced me to Jade Gold after we both agreed that I would need assisted training during my break. With only 8 sessions to work with, I saw a HUGE transformation in my endurance, my diet, my physical shape, as well as my physical strength. Jade was an amazing woman to work with. Her workouts were not a stroll in the park, but she kept me motivated! She kept me on my toes with my nutrition, DAILY, making sure I was eating healthier in order to produce results. And I must say, the change in my nutrition played a huge part in my results. I will definitely be working with Jade Gold in the future!"

Cree Alexis Client

"I have worked with several trainers over the years and they were all different. The best results I have had is with Jade Gold. She works the needed areas of my body and provides a strict food plan that gets immediate results. She keeps me accountable and I feel wonderful after one of her sessions. She is no-nonsense and does not take excuses."

Phyllis Bailey Client

"It 13Ibs down with straight diet and exercise!!!! Thank you Chriss Sheppard for getting me started and Thank you Jade Gold for pushing me thorough it!!! It's been a huge life change!!! There are no quick fixes!!!! #jadegoldfitness!!! "

Alori Sheppard Client

" I signed up for Jade Gold's fitness program to lose weight, tone muscles, and increase my endurance and strength. Not only did Jade help me achieve my fitness goals,she also created a meal plan that I still use today. I truly believe being strong is the new pretty and Jade's no-nonsense program has whipped me into great shape."

Kimberly Bady Client

"Jade Gold Fitness gets AAA+ when it comes to expertise in training and nutrition. When I came to Jade Gold Fitness I was seeking a trainer that I could really mesh with I had been to many trainers before but, they did not have the 3 P's that all trainers should have. Jade definitely has the 3 P's Personality. I was able to reach my weight loss goals through strategic planning and guidance of Jade Gold Fitness.JADE GOLD FITNESS ROCKS!!!!!"

Kim Tezeno Client
"There are a few ways to do things...The Right Way, The Wrong Way and Doing It All Over Again." - TheTRUTHRocks

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