Jade Gold is a professional speaker offering inspiring presentations on health coaching, fitness and an inspirational journey both private and in business. She has spoken at numerous of churches, worked with youth ages 8-21, taught several business seminars and provides webinars on a wide range of topics.

Jade's primary talk is on Finding Truth & Balance: How to gain understanding of connecting between the mind, body and spirit to achieve greater heights in personal goals and vibrantly healthy body by adopting a lifestyle based on our genetic what we put in our bodies. Her presentations are filled with lots of how-to oriented content for both diet and exercise. She uses real client stories and examples to make her talks memorable and practical. A variety of related topics can be addressed, depending on the request of the group. These include:

• How to be Become a Better Leader In the Corporate Work Place

• Kicking up your metabolism to burn fat faster

• Eating Your Age

• Decipline Starts with Your Mindset

• Living your Truth While Balancing Your Life

Her presentations are appropriate and stimulating for any group:

Professional associations, community groups, service organizations, and business conferences in every arena. Send Inquiry for more information and coaching packages.



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Corporate Health Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Corporate Health Coach & Inspirational Speaker

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Personal Training

Personal trainers typically become personal trainers out of a passion for being healthy, fit and active. They're not normally the type of people who could stomach a desk job or sit alone in a cubicle ”paper pushing“. It's a job that starts out with heart, motivation and a love for all things fitness...the trick is, keeping it that way!

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ProSports Wear with JadeGoldFitness !

ProSports Wear with JadeGoldFitness !


"Greater Barbours Chapel Bapist Church, Teen Summit 2015, was honored to have Sister Jade Gold share as the Keynote speaker, for young ladies between the ages of 12 & 18 yrs old. Her candor and presentation was captivating. Ms. Gold has a special gift that allows her to connect with the youth that she encounters. She's bold, honest, authentic, shocking at times, yet SPIRITUAL.The kind of presence that youth recognize as being for REAL. She made the teens "think" and want to be accountable for their actions. Our teen group left the summit saying, "Jade said..and Jade said...". They all wanted to know when we could bring Ms. Gold back. So if we're planning for Ms. Gold to return to our church at the beginning of the New Year for the 2nd Series of the Teen Summit 2016 on IMAGE & PRESENTATION." Jade Gold really is THE TRUTH."

"Standing before a room of people doesn't make you a success or a failure. Moving people to action once they leave the room is the real success of the seed you planted to bring forth measurable change." - TheTRUTHRocks

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